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Unprotected Cannot Be a Protector

Unprotected Cannot Be a Protector

अप्पणा अनाहो सन्तो,
कहं नाहो भविस्ससि?

You yourself are protection less, how can you protect others?

If anyone thinks that he is the protector, savior and defender of others then it is his mistake or misconception because in this world no person can become a defender or destroyer of others. Earlier committed auspicious or inauspicious deeds only are his defender and destroyer.

One who himself is behind bars cannot release other prisoners. One who himself is hungry how can he satiate the hunger of others? One who himself is bounded by the karmas in this world, how can he liberate others from the bondage? One who himself is protection less, how can he protect others?

Everyone person in this world is a part of a vicious circle of birth, disease and death. Therefore, how can one save others from this cycle?

Bonded by good and bad karma, every soul is tied with its own physical, mental and karmic afflictions. Under such conditions, how can he free others?

It is rightly said that one cannot protect others who himself is protection less.

- Uttradhyayana Sutra 20/12

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