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Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible

इह लोए निप्पिवासस्स,
नत्थि किंचि वि दुक्करं

For the desireless, nothing is impossible in this world

The biggest obstacle in this world is attachment, selfishness, desire, and craving. One who is with attachment, he cannot perform his duties. One who is selfish, he cannot be benevolent or find the ultimate truth.

One whose aim is acquisition of a particular thing or collection of different articles for sense gratification, his everything including mind, body and wealth is devoted to them. He cannot think of self-improvement or self- growth. One who is engrossed in selfish motives cannot even think of self-development.

Opposite to this, one who is desire-less, unselfish, and unattached, he finds nothing which he cannot do. Fulfillments of all duties are within his power.

Desireless aspirant is not attached to anything. Hence, being unselfish, he wishes for nothing i.e. except for betterment of self and others, he longs for nothing and this is not at all difficult for him to achieve.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 16/45

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