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Attachment and distrees

Attachment and distrees

लुप्पंति बहुसो मूढा, संसारम्मि अणंतए

Usually, ignorant perish in the everlasting world

‘Ignorant’ means attached. In this world, those whose mind is full of attachment, such people suffer in many ways.

The thing which is liked, if that were not available, then efforts are made to procure that and in that process what is right or principled is not considered. Thus, the man not only falls from virtue but until the desired thing is not obtained, he remains restless.

Even after the procurement of desired object, complete peace is not attained because after that he is worried to look after that, not allowing it to wither, to shield it from all sides. When some people demand, then there is worry of it getting spoiled and if not given then there remains a fear of the friend turning into a foe.

Therefore, without renunciation of attachment, sufferings in this world cannot be overcome.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 6/1

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