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None can share the pain

None can share the pain

अस्स दुक्खं ओ न परियाइयति

No body can share the pain of another

Man gets distressed due to mistakes done because of carelessness. Pain is the sure result of mistakes. One who does mistakes, he cannot escape from its outcome.

We cannot share our pain like we can share our wealth or any other thing of utility with our family members, friends and associates. Neither can we distribute our pain among others, nor can we take their pain.

As our study cannot make others expert, their study cannot make us specialist; similarly, we cannot endure pain of others as they cannot endure our pain.

One who eats, he only will get satiated. No hungry man can derive satisfaction of a satiated man. In exactly same way, a happy man cannot share the pain of others.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 2/1/13

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