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Pain and desire

Pain and desire

दुक्खं हयं जस्स न होइ मोहो,
मोहो हओ जस्स न होइ तण्हा

Who is detached, his pain is destroyed; who has no desire, his attachment is extinct

Desires vanquish even men of exemplary fortitude they make men of vision blind. As a man with eyesight cannot see things around him in the darkness of night; likewise, a covetous man does not see the wealth he possesses instead he desires for getting more and more – throughout the life, he struggles like a bull.

Because of desires, his attachment to the acquired things also gets deeper. He only can be liberated from the clutches of affection and attachment whose desires have died out.

Wise men say that bondage of attachment only is the sole reason for all the pains; hence, they preach to break that bondage. Thus, if we want to be away from sorrow, then we must leave this affection and if we are eager to win over this affection, then we should renounce desires – this only is best for us.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 32/8

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