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Bhagwan Parshvanath – Janma Kalyanak

Bhagwan Parshvanath - Chyavan Kalyanak

Date: 20th December, 2011
Tithi: Paush Dashami

In the city of Varanasi, Asvasena of the Ikshvaku-family was the king there who had a wife named Vama.

On the fourth of the black half of Chaitra, (the moon being) in Visakha, having fallen, at night Shri Parshvanath descended into Queen Vama’s womb. Then she saw the 14 great dreams indicating a Tirthankar’s birth enter her mouth. Continue reading “Bhagwan Parshvanath – Janma Kalyanak” »

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Bhagwan Parshvanath – Mora Pasji Ho Lal

Listen to Bhagwan Parshvanath – Mora Pasji Ho Lal

Śrī pārśvanātha jina stavana
(Rāga: Rātā jēvā phulaḍānē)
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Bhagwan Parshvanath – Diksha Kalyanak

Bhagwan Parshvanath Renouncing

Date: 21st December, 2011
Tithi: Magshar Vad 11

Parshva, the Blessed One, knew that the fruit of his own pleasure-karma had been consumed and set his mind on mendicancy. As if knowing his intentions, the Lokantika gods came at that time and announced to Parshva, “Lord, found a congregation.” Then the Master began to give gifts for a year with money furnished by the Jrmbhakas instructed by Vaisravana. Continue reading “Bhagwan Parshvanath – Diksha Kalyanak” »

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