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24 Tirthankars

Below are the details of the present 24 Tirthankars in the Bharatkshetra of Jambudweep.

1. Shri Rishabdev (Adinath)

Heaven before Birth : Sarvarthasiddha
Father : King Nabhi
Mother : Marudevi
Birthplace : Vinittanagari, Palitana
Complexion : Golden
Symbol : Ox / Bull
Height : 500 Dhanusha
Age : 8,400,000 Purva
Diksha Tree : Vata (Banyan)
Yaksha : Gomukha
Yakshini : Chakresvari
Place of Nirvana : Ashtapad


Chyavan : Jeth Vad 4
Janma : Fagan Vad 8
Diksha : Fagan Vad 8
Keval Gyan : Maha Vad 11
Moksha : Posh Vad 13

Mystery behind the name

He had a sign of an ox on his thigh. The mother Marudeva saw 14 dreams, of which the first was that of an ox. He started the religion after a time span of 18 koda Kodi Sagaropam (Sagaropam itself is almost an innumerable number, therefore 18 KodaKodi sagaropam is a countless number). Therefore, he was also known as Ādinath (The first one).

2. Shri Ajitnath

Heaven before Birth : Vijayavimana
Father : King Jitshatru
Mother : Vijaya Rani
Birthplace : Ayodhya, Shikharji
Complexion : Golden
Symbol : Elephant
Height : 450 Dhanusha
Age : 7,200,000 Purva
Diksha Tree : Sala (Shorea Robusta)
Yaksha : Mahayaksha
Yakshini : Ajitabala
Place of Nirvana : Shikharji


Chyavan : Vaisakh Sud 13
Janma : Maha Sud 8
Diksha : Maha Sud 9
Keval Gyan : Posh Sud 11
Moksha : Chaitra Sud 5

Mystery behind the name

The parents of Lord Ajit would always involve themselves in games and sports. Each time they did so, the father invariably won the game against his mother. But after the conception of lord Ajit his mother would always win the games. Thus she named him ‘Ajit’ or the unconquered one.

3. Shri Sambhavnath

Heaven before Birth : Uvarimagraiveka
Father : Jitari
Mother : Senamata
Birthplace : Savathi, Sravasti
Complexion : Golden
Symbol : Horse
Height : 400 Dhanusha
Age : 6,000,000 Purva
Diksha Tree : Prayala
Yaksha : Trimukha
Yakshini : Prajnapti
Place of Nirvana : Samet Shikhar


Chyavan : Fagan Sud 8
Janma : Magsar Sud 14
Diksha : Magasar Sud 15
Keval Gyan : Asho Vad 5
Moksha : Chaitra Sud 5

Mystery behind the name

When the Lord Sambhav was conceived the production of grains increased and there was much prosperity. There were no droughts or famine.  Hence he was called Sambhav or possible.

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