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Bhaktamar Stotra – A Divine Composition

Bhaktamar Stotra is a divine and miraculously effective Panegyric. The devoted author, Acharya Mantunga Suriji experiences close proximity with the divine goal. The flow and force of this incessant stream of devotion is for the first Tirthankara Adinath. Each and every word of Bhaktamar Stotra reveals his enlightening devotion and infinite faith in the Lord.

Importance of Bhaktamar Stotra

In the court of King Harsh, the ruler of Avanti, there were two great scholars, Bana and Mayura . They made even supra human things possible here by their mantric power befitting their scholarship and influenced the king very much. Mayura Pandita worshipped the Sun God with the hymn composed by him known as Surya sataka and by the grace of Sun God got rid of leprosy, which he was suffering from due to the curse of his daughter. The Sun God blessed Mayura when he completed the sixth shloka. This made Bana Pandita envious and he took it as a challenge to make Goddess bless him. He got his hands and legs cut off and recited Chandika sataka and they grew as before. Then he returned home after circumambulating the temple. The King was very much pleased to see this miracle happen.

After that everyone in the court preached their dharma and worshipped both the Panditas (Mayura and Bana). Once all the Panditas in the court along with the King, while discussing about other religions discussed that all the other religions in the world except theirs’ is bosh. Then the courtiers said that the Jains seemed not to command such mantric powers. On listening to this, the minister of the King’s court told the King that Pujya Gurudev Acharya Shri Manatunga Suriji were currently present in the kingdom and is a great & learned monk. At this, the King wished to meet the Acharya. Thus, Acharya Mantunga Suriji, with due respect, was invited to the King’s court. After meeting the king & hearing everything, he said that Jain Sadhus’s aim is to achieve salvation (moksha). They don’t believe in harming anybody with any kind of mantra / tantra. Still if the King insist he would show him the power of devotion. Acharya Mantunga Suriji asked King Harsh with the intention to witness miracle to fetter him in 44 chains and imprisoned him in a dark prison with heavy locks and guards. The Acharya then started composing the Bhaktamar Stotra. As soon as he did this, with every shloka (stanza) the chains around the Acharya unlocked automatically and the heavy locks broke by themselves.

This incident astounded the King and he realized the true meaning of dharma afterwhich he became an ardent devotee of the Acharya & Bhagwan Shri Rishabhdev.

The Bhaktamar Stotra has been composed in the metre “Vasantatilaka”. The importance and effectiveness of this panegyric has increased instead of decreasing with the passage of time. Every single stanza and letter is capable of evoking various effects. The dedication, purity, concentration and regularity of the devotee is helpful in attaining the ultimate goal.

According to popular beliefs come true, specific stanzas are miraculously effective for specific purposes:
1. For acquisition of wealth – 2nd and 36th
2. For improving knowledge – 6th
3. For improving oratory to be true – 10th
4. For relief from disturbance – 7th
5. For relief from diseases and pain – 17th
6. For cure of snake and other venom – 41st
7. For protection from bewitching spells – 9th
8. For fulfillment of necessities – 19th

1. Jain Parampara no Itihas by Darshan Vijayji, Gyan Vijayji & Charitra Vijayji

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  1. piyush jain
    Jul 13, 2012 #

    what about the rest of the mantrs with Yantras and shloks of Bhaktamar stotra??? there are only first six shloks with mantras and yantras!!!

    Please upload all 48 .

  2. Mohan
    Apr 25, 2014 #

    Jai jenadra

    I have seen that when you read Bhakamar stotra you will get the postive energy and it is so powerful mantra that difficulties will be solved easly and you get refreshed and peace of mind.



  3. Seema
    Nov 16, 2018 #

    Plz all gathas

  4. sanjay jain
    Dec 25, 2020 #

    which stotr is for improing eye sight. can u tell me the no. of theose bhaktamar stotra

  5. Yogitha
    Aug 3, 2021 #

    Jai Jinendra please upload all gathas ????????

  6. Yogitha
    Aug 3, 2021 #

    Jai Jinendra please upload all gathas

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