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Bhaktamar Stotra – Shloka 2

Bhaktamar Stotra   Shloka 2

Yaḥ sanstutaḥ sakala-vāṅmaya-tattvabōdhā-
Dudbhūta-bud’dhi paṭubhiḥ suralōka-nāthaiḥ |
Stōtrairjagat tritaya-citta-harairudārai-
Stōṣyē kilāhamapi taṁ prathamaṁ jinēndram ||2||


The king of all gods “Indra”, having acquired prudence through the true understanding of all the scriptures and mastering the secrets of the scriptures, have eulogized and worshipped Bhagwan Adinath with his generous and captivating “Stotras”(verses) which charms the three realms (Heaven, Earth and Hell). Shree Mantunga Suriji, an humble man with little wisdom, avers that he too shall indeed endeavour to compose a hymn to eulogize the first Tlrthankara (Bhagwan Adinath).

Bhaktamar Stotra - Yantra 2

ऋद्धि : ॐ ह्रीँ अर्हँ णमो ओहिजिणाणं|

मंत्र : ॐ ह्रीँ श्रीँ क्लीँ ब्लूँ नमः|

Ritual : If you perfect this shloka (verse) and chant 1 navkarvali of the “ऋद्धि मंत्र” everyday for 21 days, you can cure all diseases, especially headache and overcome your enemies.

Effects : On meditating this mantra, all diseases get cured, especially headache and you overcome your enemies.

1. Bhaktamar Darshan – Acharyadev Shrimad Rajyash Suriji
2. Bhaktamar Stotra – Diwakar Prakashan

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    Thank You for your comment.
    Adding Bhaktamar Stotra with its meaning is on our roadmap.
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