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Bhaktamar Stotra – Shloka 4

Bhaktamar Stotra   Shloka 4

Vaktuṁ guṇān guṇasamudra! Śaśāṅkakāntān
Kastē kṣamaḥ suraguru – pratimōpi bud’dhayā ?
Kalpāntakāla – pavanōd’dhata – nakracakraṁ
Kō vā tarītumalamambunidhiṁ bhujābhyām ? ||4||

Meaning :

Oh! The ocean of virtues (all things good), Oh the limitless ocean of passionless attributes! Even the Guru of Gods is not capable of assessing your pious virtues which are bright like the moon. So, if I do not know how to your sing your praises, why should i be ashamed of it? Which being would dare to swim the horrifying ocean disturbed by dooms day violence, which throws up crocodiles in its gigantic waves? Oh Lord, who can narrate Your qualities? Lord! Your attributes are infinite and I am finite.

Bhaktamar Stotra - Yantra 4

ऋद्धि : ॐ ह्रीँ अर्हँ णमो सव्वोहिजिणाणं|

मंत्र : ॐ ह्रीँ श्रीँ क्लीँ जलदेवताभ्यो नमः स्वाहा|

Ritual : Chanting this stotra and the riddhi mantra and also by keeping the mantra with oneself, any obstruction caused by water gets removed. If you chant the grit-pebble for 108 or 21 or 7 times with this shloka or mantra and then if you throw the pebble in the net, you can overcome the fear of water and also the fishes get saved from being trapped in the fishing net.

Effects : Any obstruction or catastrophe caused due to water gets removed.

1. Bhaktamar Darshan – Acharyadev Shrimad Rajyash Suriji
2. Bhaktamar Stotra – Diwakar Prakashan

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