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Bhaktamar Stotra – Shloka 1

Mudyōtakaṁ dalita-pāpa-tamō-vitānam |
Samyak praṇamya jinapādayugaṁ yugādā -
Vālambanaṁ bhavajalē patatāṁ janānām || 1 ||


When the Devas bow down in reverence at the feet of the victorious one Bhagwan Aadinath, the gems in the crowns of their heads radiate brightness which pales in comparison to the dazzle of his lotus feet. The mankind is drowned in the ocean of wordly attachments and surrounded by darkness of sins and ignorance. Mere touch of his feet absolves the being from sins. He who submits himself at his feet crosses the barriers of rebirth and moves into the state of liberation. I convey my reverential salutations to the first Tirthankara, the propagator of religion at the beginning of this era (Avasarpini Kalachakra).

Bhaktamar Stotra - Yantra 1

ऋद्धि : ॐ ह्रीँ अर्हँ णमो अरिहंताणं णमो जिणाणं ॐ ह्रॉं ह्रीँ ह्रूँ ह्रौँ ह्रः अ सि आ उ सा अप्रतिचक्रे फट् विचक्राय झ्रौं झ्रौं स्वाहा|

मंत्र : ॐ ह्राँ ह्रीँ ह्रूँ श्रीँ क्लीँ ब्लूँ क्रौँ ॐ ह्रीँ नमः स्वाहा|

Ritual : Wearing white clothes, facing towards the east in a meditation posture chant this mantra for 1lakh times and keeping this yantra with yourself, you achieve wealth, happiness and success.

Effects : On meditating this mantra, all the obstacles get eradicated and you prosper in life.

1. Bhaktamar Darshan – Acharyadev Shrimad Rajyash Suriji
2. Bhaktamar Stotra – Diwakar Prakashan

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    Thank you for your review.
    It boosts us morale and encourages us to take further initiatives on the way.

    • Akanksh
      Oct 31, 2018 #

      What mantra is to be chanted? The riddhi or the normal mantra?

  3. sapna
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