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Pain is not given by others

Pain is not given by others

अत्तकडे दुक्खे, नो परकडे

Pain is self created, not by others

Every living being experiences the fruits of his deeds. None else can give pleasure or pain to another. This principle makes us responsible for our own deeds.

When the responsibility of our happiness is ours, then why should we not strive for doing good work to earn happiness?

Similarly, when we.are fully convinced that we are the architect of our own pain, none else; then, will we not try to escape from wicked deeds? Surely, we will.

Those who eat irregularly, eat heavy food, for taste, eat much more than necessary, they invite diseases and when they appear, they lie on the bed for a long time. The disease caused to them is the result of their own fault – if they understand this then they will never fall prey to taste. Same principle of not repeating the faults can be applied for other faults as well.

Hence, we should accept that pain which is self-created, not caused by others.

- Bhagavati Sutra 17/5

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