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Self alone suffers

Self alone suffers

एगो सयं पच्चणुहोइ दुक्खं

Sorrow is the sure result of one’s mistakes, which everyone has to suffer. No one else can share this; whether he be the closest friend, relative or family member. They can sympathize, serve, help but cannot split or experience the same suffering what one is going through. Their proximity may mitigate our suffering but we alone have to experience the pain.

This principle applies in this birth; in the other birth, such help or empathy will not even be available. All the good or bad karma done here, are attached and accordingly their consequences would have to be faced. The soul has to experience all the favorable or unfavorable conditions. Therefore, avoid sins.

Remember – sinners have to undergo the sufferings themselves.

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/5/2/22

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