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Wealth cannot protect an unvigilant man

Wealth cannot protect an unvigilant man

वित्तेण ताणं न लभे पमत्ते,
इमम्मि लोए अदु वा परत्था

Through wealth an unvigilant man cannot protect himself, either in this world or another

We are protected by valor or courage, not by cowardliness.

Many people think that wealth can protect them; hence, they guard their assets, but why do not they think that how can those riches save others which themselves are to be protected by others?

To earn wealth is difficult. To safe guard that is more painful. It is painful even to spend it. If it is lost or if it is stolen then also it is distressing. It is ever worrisome to guard the same. Thus, wealth is all-round surrounded by pain.

Wise men utilize their wealth in the betterment of others and brighten their next birth; they are honored in this world. However, ignorant people waste their money in sense gratification. Hence, they are neither able to protect themselves in this world, nor the next.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 4/5

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