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Contented never wanders

Contented never wanders

भोगी भमइ संसारे, अभोगी विप्पमुच्चइ|

Insatiated wanders in the world; satiated is liberated

The one who is under the control of senses, he constantly tries to collect objects of sense gratification. Through collection of objects of his choice, he sometimes satisfies one sense and next time, another.

Really speaking, senses are never satiated though they may be fed enough. Through sense gratification, mind only is satiated and that too for a short while! But the surprising fact is that to satisfy mind’s demands, that too for a short period, for fulfillment of its desires, man works like a bull and wanders through millions of births – he is stuck in the cycle of birth, old age and death.

One is relieved from all of this who is contented, does not indulge in sense gratification, is detached, and does not fulfill his desires. Longing is the ill-will, which makes one go astray. Until there is attachment towards sense-objects, one is destined to wander in this world.

Contented person never wanders.

- Uttradhyayana Sutra 25/41

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