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Vigilant or Unvigilant

Vigilant or Unvigilant

सव्वओ पमत्तस्स भयं,
सव्वओ अप्पमत्तस्स नत्थि भयं

Unvigilant is afraid everywhere; vigilant is not afraid anywhere

Who is fearful? One who breaks the rules, makes mistakes, commits crime, he is only afraid of all. Against this, one who follows the rules, is ever vigilant at every step that he is not involved in any crime; he is fearless – he is not afraid at all from anyone, anywhere.

First man is unvigilant and the other is vigilant. The life of former is fearful – painful and the life of other is fearless, happy.

Now, make a choice. What sort of life do you like? Surely, you will choose the other type. Wise men also wish that every aspirant remain ever vigilant, free of laziness and carelessness.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/4

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