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Avoid un-vigilance

Avoid un vigilance

अलं कुसलस्स पमाएणं

Wisemen should not be un-vigilant

Fools are lethargic only; but those who are not, who are intelligent, wise, who understand, it is not expected from them that they be un-vigilant and waste their life.

Nonetheless, sometimes, things happen against hopes. Wise men are also seen in the grip of unvigilance. Senses are very powerful. Mind is fickle; bad habits are attractive and enjoyable, greed instigates sin, arrogance multiplies with fame and praise, deceit is contented with deceiving others, anger makes man blind or mad. Thus, man surrounded by un-vigilance wanders in the world and gets stuck in the vicious circle of birth, disease and death.

Prudent people looking at the pathetic conditions of such wise men pity them.

Advising them, they say – if you are wise, shun unvigilance.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/4

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