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Avoid speaking too much

Avoid speaking too much

मोहरिए सच्चवयणस्स पलिमत्थू

Over speaking harms the truth

One who speaks too much cannot keep any thing secret; therefore, it has been considered as worth abandoning. One more reason of its abandoning is that it harms the truth.

Talkative people believe that their duty is over by talking only and do not take any responsibility of doing anything. When they cannot do what they say, then how can it be understood that what they say is right? Here and there, they give hopes and instantly earn the respect but not being able to fulfill the anticipations or doing as per their promise, they invite criticism. Thus, the praise they get is not permanent. It would be better that knowing our ability and strength we talk that much only as we can do any work. We should not give false hopes and thus avoid speaking too much that harms the truth.

- Sthananga Sutra 6/3

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