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Truth is God

Truth is God

तं सच्चं भगवं

Truth only is god

Bhagwan, Iswara, God, Allaha, Khuda etc. are different names of Paramatma (Supreme Soul). In the world, Paramatma only is established at the topmost. However, different philosophers have different views on how is that Paramatma, what is his nature?

Some believe him having shape, some without shape; some consider him having attributes, some without attributes; some believe him to be ruler of the world, some unattached; some think of him as a judge and punishment giver and some as neutral detached.

Anekantavadi (an advocate of many-sided views) believes all these opinions as truth from specific point of views; therefore, in his view that truth only is bhagwan which removes the fear of birth and death and is fate sealer.

One who believes in one view only is deluded because he has fixed opinion only, he is narrow minded, he is not able to understand any principle from others point of view. He becomes so much self-opinionated and prejudiced that left alone he does not want to understand others opinion; he does not even want to listen.

Conversely, Anekantavadi is very tolerant and liberal – he sees the things as they are – is ready to listen and understand all sides because for him truth only is God.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/2

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