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Avoid fool’s company

Avoid fools company

अलं बालस्स संगेणं

Association with the fools must be avoided

This is an experienced fact that those who live together are mutually influenced. If the associate is addicted then we also get addicted; if he is intelligent, then he would make us also intelligent; if he is expert then he will inspire us to become expert.

On the contrary, if he were ignorant, foolish, then we also would be affected by his ignorance. Because of his folly, sometimes, we also may be in problems. Hindi maxim, ‘friendship with the foolish disturbs the mind’ also points to this only. Hence, instead of friendship of a fool, enmity of an intelligent person is recommended. Proverb says, ‘An intelligent foe is better than an ignorant friend.’

Psychologists say that if we really want to progress on the spiritual path, if we want to develop ourselves, grow, improve then even by mistake we should never live with a fool, be associated with an ignorant.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/5

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