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Renunciation of the world

Renunciation of the world

भवतण्हा लया वुत्ता, भीमा भीमफलोदया

Craving for the world is like the frightful creeper which gives horrible results

Craving or attachment for the world is like a creeper, a terrible creeper on which awful fruits grow.

Creeper is usually green, beautiful, pleasing to look at. Attachment towards world is also as good-looking and beautiful.

The way creeper slowly covers and spreads on it with the help of tree; worldly desires also, with the help of man, slowly-slowly affect the mind and influence the soul.

Like the creeper, which gets its nourishment from the juice of the tree, worldly desires also become stronger and stronger by taking away the joy of the man. Hence, like the creeper, worldly desires are harmful, terrible.

Tree is withered with its association with the creeper. Fruits grown on that tree indicate its withering only. For the healthy growth of the tree, severance of creeper is necessary. For the healthy development of soul also, renunciation of worldly desires is necessary.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 23/48

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