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Renunciation of enjoyments

Renunciation of enjoyments

उविच्च भोगा पुरिसं चयन्ति,
दुमं जहा खीणफलं व पक्खी

Like birds desert the tree bereft of fruits, enjoyments abandon the man of depleted virtues

Until delicious fruits are there on the tree, birds come from far and wide, sit on its branches and enjoy its fruits; but when all the fruits are over and because of change climate, possibility of fresh fruits is not there, all the birds forsake that and go elsewhere.

Exactly the same way, until virtues and their influence are there, different types of enjoyments surround the men – enough things are available to satiate the demands of all the senses, all the comforts and conveniences are accessible, even in the forest amiable environment is created. But, when virtues get diminished, gradually all the comforts vanish, enjoyments walk away from the man. Only memory of their enjoyment remains which keeps the man distressed.

Wisdom will be that we employ the instruments of enjoyment, available to us due to virtues for betterment of others and our next birth.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 13/63

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