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Body renunciation

Body renunciation

वोसिरे सव्वसो कायं, न मे देहे परीसहा

I renounce love of body completely; there is nothing like body hardships

‘Kausagga’ is a Jaina word, which is called ‘Kayotsarga’ in Sanskrita. This is made from kaya + utsarga. Body is called ‘kaya’ and renunciation is called ‘utasarga’ but it does not mean renunciation of the body. It means renunciation of love of the body. Concentration for meditation is possible only after kayotsarga.

During meditation, mind forgets the body, as if it does not exist. Thus, his love of the body is also lost. In that state of mind, he peacefully endures, if any hardships were to come to body e.g., hunger, thirst, cold, heat, sting, mosquito-bite, fight, rain etc; because after neglecting the body, an aspirant feels as if there is no pain; because before starting meditation, he resolves, “I renounce love of my body, no pain can trouble me.’

- Acaranga Sutra 1/8/21

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