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Life and body

Life and body

जीवियं चेव रूवं च, विज्जुसंपाय चंचलं

Life and body are fickle like lightening

Life is momentary. It is not sure that the breath, which is being exhaled, will also come back or not. This life is as fickle as lightening. As it shines for a moment and then vanishes, so also is the life that stays for sometime and then ends. Therefore, until life is there we should use the same for benevolence.

Body is also destructible like life. As the time passes, it becomes old. Beauty of the youth worns-out in the old age – muscles and the healthy body wrinkles, eyes sink, hairs turn grey, body becomes weak, it soon becomes tired even after little exertion, and because of weakness different diseases attack the body. Therefore, until body is healthy, it should be used for public welfare.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 18/13

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