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Life of an Elephant and a Kunthu (insect)

Life of an Elephant and a Kunthu (insect)

हत्थिस्स य कुन्थुस्स य समे चेव जीवे

Soul is same as in an elephant and a kunthu

Animate and inanimate, with conscience and without conscience, self and other are different entities. They support each other, but are not converted into one another. An animate will remain an animate and an inanimate will remain an inanimate only.

At all times, in all the three worlds, never has an animate become an inanimate, nor is becoming, nor will ever become. Therefore, all souls are equal.

Question arises that if all are equal then the soul (consciousness), which is inherent in a dog, how can that be same in a frog. That soul which is inherent in a horse, how can that be in a goat? That soul, which is in a camel, how can that be in a cat? After all, what is the measurement of soul?

Omniscient have said that soul is of the same measurement as the body it occupies. Soul becomes as large or small as the body it takes as its residence. The light, which emanates from a lamp in the night, spreads throughout the room; but if a pot is placed on that, then the entire light is limited to that pot only. Similarly, the soul of an elephant can also be confined in the body of an insect.

- Bhagavati Sutra 7/8

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