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Keep away from misconduct

Keep away from misconduct

कुसीलवड्ढणं ठाणं, दूरओ परिवज्जए

All causes promoting misconduct must be avoided

Sheel means one’s nature. One whose nature is good, praiseworthy, he is called good-natured. One who wants that people should love him, admire him, he will always try to become and remain amiable.

Sheel also means conduct. From this point of view a man of good conduct is well behaved and tries to stay away from misconduct and remain virtuous.

To keep away from being bad character, all such causes have to be forsaken that provoke bad conduct. Man becomes wicked by keeping company of immoral men and if such occasions continue to come his way then his misdemeanor goes on growing.

Another reason is to hear the tale of infamous and despots which tell of their wealth and pleasures. Such stories breed misconduct.

Wise men say that all such causes, which make or cause growth of wickedness must be renounced and kept at a distance.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 6/56

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