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Study of Vedas

Study of Vedas

वेया अहीया न भवन्ति ताणं

Study of vedas cannot protect

To believe that a particular person who has studied Vedas is respected, venerable and pure is a delusion. Why? I am saying this because respectability, regard and venerability is associated with good conduct, renunciation, benevolence, good conduct and other virtues; not with the study of Vedas.

It is said that Ravana had also studied Vedas. Not only this, moreover, it is said that he had also written commentary on them; but because of misconduct he could not become venerable. No body likes to keep his own name or give the name of Ravana to his child. In each village we are able to come across hundreds of names like Ramlal, Ramchandra, Ramsingh, Rampratap etc; but you will not be able to find even a single in the name of Ravanlal etc. What does this prove?

This only proves that study of Vedas cannot protect our name or prestige until there is no impurity – no misconduct.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 14/12

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  1. प्रतिभा
    May 3, 2020 #

    आदरणीयता, पूज्यता एवं पवित्रता का सम्बन्ध सच्चरित्रता से है, त्याग से है, परोपकार से है, सदाचार से है; यही वेद में भी सिखाया है

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