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Wisdom and good conduct

Wisdom and good conduct

न संतसंति मरणंते,
सीलवंता बहुस्सुया

Wise man and man of good conduct are never afraid until death

Pain is the result of wrong done. How and why do we do wrong? Because of ignorance and misconduct.

Ignorant becomes guilty because of misconduct and then is distressed – punished, repents. Due to delusion, he understands that happiness is derived out of misconduct; therefore, he forsakes good conduct and becomes a man of bad character. He develops bad habits and wastes his life. If he were to see the life of other men of bad habits and reflect then he would easily realize that their life is slave to the bad habits; they are in pain; their mental tendencies are not functioning in an easy and natural way.

Thus, he could himself keep away from bad habits; become a man of good conduct. He can understand and he must understand that wise and man of good conduct are never in pain until death.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 5/26

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