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The foundation of good conduct

The foundation of good conduct

नादंसणिस्स नाणं, नाणेण विणा न होंति चरणगुणा

Without right perception, knowledge is not acquired and without knowledge right conduct is not possible

If the perception is not right, then man cannot acquire right knowledge; and until perception be right, truth cannot be discovered and for this it is necessary that he himself should be right. Before the right knowledge one must have right perception. Without the right perception right knowledge is not possible. Looking at the radiant and peaceful idol of Lord Mahavira in the temple it can be understood as to how one can win over mental perversions. A child also learns by looking at things. ‘See and learn’ is an all accepted principle of education.

After the knowledge, conduct is purified. When we come to know what is good conduct and what is bad then on our own inclination to practice good conduct rises and we become a gentleman.

In this way, attributes of knowledge are acquired through right perception and through knowledge are acquired attributes of good conduct. Right perception is the foundation of good conduct.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 28/30

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