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Practise good conduct

Practise good conduct

बाहाहिं सागरो चेव,
तरियव्वो गुणोदहिं

To practice good conduct is akin to swim the sea with arms

In former times boats were used for sea voyage. Now, big ships have been constructed sitting in which voyagers easily travel from one country to another. From the time, airplanes have come into service, importance of ships has declined. Now, without caring about the big seas, people travel to foreign countries. But, will it be possible to cross the sea only with own arms without the use of any airplane, ship or boat?

May be this is possible for people like brave Veer Savarakara; but to cross the sea of virtues or acquisition of all the attributes is not possible for any one. Omniscient are exceptions. Other than them, all are called as partially knowledgeable. The essence of this is that all the qualities are not found in a worldly man. Some fault or other is inherent in each one.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 16/37

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