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Knowledge and conduct

Knowledge and conduct

आहसु विज्जाचरणं पमोक्खं

Through knowledge and conduct only, one can get moksha (liberation)

As the eyes and legs – both are necessary to walk, so are both the knowledge and conduct important to attain moksha. Without the conduct, knowledge is lame; and without the knowledge, conduct is blind. A lame man is not able to move but he can see. Opposed to this, a blind man can walk but because of wrong direction, he can reach a wrong place. Therefore, an intelligent man needs to conduct himself as much as the man of good conduct needs to acquire knowledge.

Good conduct is the fruit of knowledge. If we get enough knowledge of the right path to be pursued then faith would also be born. Once faith is born, slowly-slowly, according to the faith, conduct will come in operation. .

If after acquisition of knowledge it is not utilized in action, then the intelligent man is as good as not being there. That is why, for the aspirants, striving for attaining the goal of moksha, great men while explaining the importance of knowledge and conduct have said that through knowledge and conduct only for human beings attainment of moksha is possible.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/12/11

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