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Essence of knowledge

Essence of knowledge

एवं खु णाणिणो सारं,
जं न हिंसइ किंचणं

Non-violence or compassion is religion but it is essential to have knowledge before its application

One who understands the nine tattvas (realities) very well and experiences their nature, he only can be a true non-violent man

Such a man understands that as life is dear to me, so also it is dear to others also and as I do not want to die, so also no body in the world wants to die.

He also thinks that if I cannot give life to anyone i.e. I cannot make a dead man alive, and hence I have no authority to take anyone’s life also.

Thus, his discretionary mentality inspires him to become non-violent and practice compassion. This is the quintessence of his knowledge.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/1/4/10

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