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Knowledge first, compassion later

Knowledge first, compassion later

पढमं नाणं तओ दया

Knowledge first, compassion later

Compassion is the mother of religion and knowledge is the father. Through the combination of knowledge and compassion only religion can take birth, not otherwise.

If we are asked to choose in between knowledge and compassion, then what will we choose? If we are asked to choose in between the seed and the fruit, then what will we choose?

Most of the people will choose fruit only because that can satiate our hunger immediately – we can enjoy the taste; but this is not farsightedness. The seed may not have power to satiate your hunger instantly, or also the taste but it has the potency of giving us many fruits – this fact cannot be ignored. Similarly, the power of knowledge is astonishing. This can make someone life long steadfast in benevolence. It can transform the minds of vicious and cruel men and turn them compassionate.

Hence, knowledge is more important than compassion. First we must learn right knowledge and then practice kindness — be inclined towards practicing pious activities.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 4/10

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