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Benefits of Self-study

Benefits of Self study

सज्झाएणं नाणावरणिज्जं कम्मं खवेइ

Knowledge-covering karma is annihilated by self-study

Ordinary meaning of svadhyaya is – study of scriptures inspired by the detached or the ones, who have conquered attachment. With this, those karma are destroyed which cover the knowledge. As much we go on studying, so much would the knowledge covering karma will be eradicated and slowly-slowly, we would attain total knowledge or omniscience.

Special meaning of svadhyaya is self-reflection. Study of ‘sva (self)’ only is svadhyaya.

What is the nature of self? What is its appearance? What is karma? What is karma nature? When was the self attached to karma? Why did it happen? Can it also be detached? If it can be detached, then how? What is the difference between momentary and eternal happiness? If we are asked to choose in between both, then which one would we choose. What is the source of eternal happiness? What is the objective of our life? Reflection on these questions only is svadhyaya that annihilate knowledge covering karma and one becomes omniscient.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 26/18

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  1. renu rathod
    Mar 21, 2016 #

    it was great getting knowledge about swadhyay,,but its incomplete,,i need reply to all the questions asked the in this topic.
    waiting for your reply

    thanx for great information.

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