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Rarity of true wisdom

Rarity of true wisdom

बहुकम्मलेवलित्ताणं बोही
होइ सुदुल्लहा तेसिं

Those souls who are too much attached with karma, enlightenment is very rare

Every worldly soul is attached with karma. Depending on the density of attachment of karma, one remains that much away from right knowledge.

He cannot see anything whose eyes are covered with an eight-layered piece of cloth. Similarly, he who is covered with eight layers of karma cannot perceive truth. In direct proportion to the density of karma bondage, he will remain aloof from right perception.

While paying for the fruits of karma, man experiences the intensity of pain and keeps crying. In such a condition, he is not able to pay attention on right conduct or good behavior.

Thus, karma bondage keeps the man away from right conduct, right knowledge and right faith and becomes a great hindrance in the attainment of moksha.

Omniscience becomes too difficult for him.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 8/15

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