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पा समिक्खए धम्मं

Wisdom only can judge religion

It was Mahavira only, who, two thousand and five hundred years before, through this maxim, proclaimed the efficacy of intelligence.

Religion cannot be judged based on old scriptures or traditions. It can be judged only and only through intelligence.

Selfish people, for their selfish motives misuse scriptures also. General public, because of their blind faith, is misled by them. In the name of scriptures, the public believes whatever is said. For thousands of years, in the name of scriptures, cruel yajnas have been conducted in India – meat loving pundits killed animals in the broad day light and terming that as divine blessings ate the same and forced the public also to eat.

Compassionate Lord Mahaviraswamiji worked hard against this blind faith based tradition successfully. If the mind says, animal killing is wrong, then why should it be committed in the name of scriptures. Why should we not decide about religion through wisdom only?

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 23/25

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