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Helping others is the true celebration

Helping others is the true celebration

Be a true friend and human

Preeti was every excited because it was her birthday. Since she was the only child of her parents they had planned a big party. They had invited all her classmates for the party. They had called clowns and monkeys to entertain her friends. They had also organized a caterer for the party who had baked a cake and had cooked a variety of dishes.

Preeti received a number of birthday gifts like toys, dolls and even envelopes filled with money. She was very happy that the party had gone off well. She received an envelope form her friend Neelam. She thought that it was another gift and opened it and read the letter inside. The letter from Neelam read as follows, “Dear Preeti you are a close friend of mine. But I could not come to your party as my mother is not well. We cannot even afford to buy medicines for her. When she gets well I will come and meet you.”

On reading the letter Preeti felt extremely sad and thought that she must do something to help her friend. then she took the money that she had received as a birthday gift and went to Neelam’s house. She gave Neelam the entire money and said, “Neelam, you can use this money for your mother’s medicine. You need this money more than I do. My parents have taught me that social service is the biggest celebration”. On hearing this Neelam started crying and hugged her friend and said, “You are not only a good friend but also good human being. I am so proud of you.”

One must learn to sacrifice. The basic meaning is to give up for others. If you help another human being with the sole purpose to help to the best of your ability, without expecting anything in return it is the Religion that you follow.

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  1. Dilip Parekh
    Jun 24, 2016 #

    प्रेरक प्रसंग.

    “दया धर्मका मूल है…..” दूसरों के दुःख देखना और कुछ करना यह मानवता है.

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