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Serve your parents

Serve your parents

Always take care of your parents whole heartedly

(I) A young man tells his friend, “Old people are a menace. They remain idle, talk non-sense, and interfere in our lives. They should be disposed off like garbage or sold like a pile of old news papers and clothes.” His friend replied, “Don’t worry; by the time you get old I will create such a service.”

(II) “These oxen have become old and are of no use in the fields. It is becoming expensive to feed them. Tomorrow go and leave both of them in the slaughter house”, says mother to son. “Mother, when you are old even you will not be able to work. Will I send you both to an old age home then? These are the stories Ramu had heard from his mother when he was growing up in his village.

Nemichand was a rich farmer who lived in a village in Rajasthan. He had three sons who were educated abroad. When they returned, after studying abroad, they set up their business in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Nemichand had lost his wife and continued staying in the village since he knew everyone there and was more comfortable where he had grown up.

None of sons insisted that he should come and stay with them. They were busy with their own business and their families. Nemichand had an old faithful servant, Ramu, who used to look after him.

Nemichand fell very sick and his sons did not have the time to visit him. They rang him up and told, “Father we are very busy and don’t have time to come and see you. But we will keep calling Ramu to check how you are feeling.” They instructed Ramu to look after Nemichand.

Nemichand didn’t recover from his illness and passed away. His sons rushed to the village to perform his last rites. After that, they called Ramu and told him, “You have served our father for twenty years and we have payed you good salary. We are not going to be staying in the village and will be selling our father’s house. We don’t require you any longer, so leave.”

Serve your parents
Ramu said, “Your father was a great man and he really sacrificed a lot for all of you. But in his difficult times you were not there to come and look after him. He was very disappointed and saddened by your attitude. His will says that he has left half his money to charity and the remaining to me as I had served him. I donot need your job, so I am leaving you.”

The sons were shocked and realised that it was too late to appreciate what their father had done for them and how cruel they had been to him.

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