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Who is a friend, foe ?

Who is a friend, foe ?

अप्पा मित्तममित्तं य, सुप्पट्ठियदुप्पट्ठियो

Virtue-inclined soul is a friend, vice-inclined foe

Our soul itself is a friend if it is virtue-inclined i.e. devoted to good conduct and our own soul itself is a foe if it is vice-inclined i.e.disposed to misconduct.

Virtuous intentions make the soul rise high – takes it to a better birth place and evil intentions make the soul fall, takes it to a lowly birth place.

Good intentions or conduct are inspired by a healthy mind-set and perverted intentions or misconduct is instigated by unhealthy mind-set.

Mind is the birthplace of good and bad intentions, that is called as soul-within (antaratma or antahkarana).

When the perverted soul, due to ill feelings leads the living being to lowly birthplace, then it is our foe.

Conversely, when the pure soul, due to pious feelings, takes the living being to higher birthplace, then it is our friend. Thus, soul only is our friend and foe.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 20/37

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