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Exterminate anger

Exterminate anger

उवसमेण हणे कोहं

Exterminate anger by peace

Anger cannot be exterminated with anger. Fire cannot be extinguished with fire. To extinguish fire, water is needed. Similarly, to pacify anger peace is required. Anger can be won over if we keep away from causes of anger. An angry man cannot do any harm to a man of peaceful mind.

Anger of an angry man cannot last long before a peace-loving, resolute person. Don’t embers fallen on a grass-less place get extinguished on their own?

If sometimes we get angry then we should think of its consequences. If that were not possible then one should count from one to hundred. Anger will get exterminated. Counting will turn the mind somewhere else. One can also remember whomsoever one has faith in. Alternatively one can also tell one hundred eight times rosary. Whatever be possible must be done. Thus, mind gets quiet and anger is exterminated peacefully.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/36

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