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Destroyer of love

Destroyer of love

कोहो पीइं पणासेइ

Anger demolishes love

Love and anger do not stay together at any place. When anger is there, love will not be there and where love will be, anger will not be there. Both are opposite of each other, killer of one another.

Love is affection-filled attitude while anger is hate-filled mentality. Love is magnet; anger drives others away from us. Love begets love while anger begets anger. Therefore, if we do not want that somebody be angry on us; then we should also not get angry on him or her. If we want that every one love us, then we should also love everyone.

Likewise, mentality of both anger and love cannot live in the mind together. It is not possible that when someone is angry then at that time feeling of pure stream of love be flowing; and when the stream of love be flowing then volcano of anger erupts

Wise men have said that be friendly with all the living beings – love them, do not be angry on them because anger demolishes love.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/38

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