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Love for praise

Love for praise

कसोक्खेहिं सद्देहिं पेमं नाभिनिवेसए

Do not be attached to the charming words pleasing to ears

If we do good work then people will surely praise us. Words of admiration are delightful and people like listening those words, but we should not be attached to words, which are ear pleasing; otherwise, it is possible that dupers may dupe us.

Praise could be false. It is the main job of sycophant, flatterers. Through false praise they achieve their objective, their selfish motive.

This is the only reason that one, who likes to hear ear pleasing words is always surrounded by sycophants and believing them to be the admiration of the society and people at large he is filled with pride. Thus, he gets deceived and makes his life futile.

Advising such people only, enlightened people have said, “Do not be carried away by words of praise, and do not be attached to them.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/26

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