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Do not get stuck in the mire

Do not get stuck in the mire

महयं पलिगोव जाणिया, जा वि य वंदणपूयणा इहं

Respect and regard in the world must be considered as great mire

Praise is intoxicating. As an intoxicating man works indiscreetly, so also a praise-hungry man works only where he hopes to get more appreciation. He forgets that admirers are not always truth-speakers. For their selfishness they praise falsely.

Cunning people fool a praise loving man by praising him. Sycophants surround such a person and he dances to their tune.

One who has renounced the world must always be careful about this. All his work must be for self-improvement and not for the sake of glory or worship. Wise men say that as a man stuck in the mire cannot achieve his goal, similarly, a man desirous of admiration, praise, respect and attention cannot attain his aim.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/2/11

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