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Scriptural discipline – penance

Scriptural discipline   penance

कसाया अग्गिणो वुत्ता,
सुयसीलतवो जलं

If passions are fire, then scriptures, celibacy and austerity are called water

Anger, pride, deceit and greed – they are four passions. Like fire, they burn the soul – are the cause of its being restless and annoying. How to escape from them? This has been told through this maxim. If the house is on fire, then it is extinguished by water. Similarly, to pacify the burning soul, use of water of scriptures, good conduct and penance has been recommended.

Scriptures mean what has been heard. Whatever was heard by Acarya Sudharmaswamiji is called Jaina Shruta, Jaina Sastras or Jaina Agams. Study of these, keep the passions away. They are not able to burn the soul.

Good conduct is also like water. Even an evil can be slowly-slowly transformed into a gentle man leaving his wickedness, if he is treated well. Penance also restrains mental tendencies; therefore, like water, it also gives peace.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 23/53

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