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Be friendly

Be friendly

मेत्तिं भूएसु कप्पए

Be friendly with all living beings

Anger, pride, deceit and greed – these four passions make the soul sulky, restless; not only this, but against whom these are used they also become sullen and restive. They become our enemy because of show of our passions and keep the enmity alive. In response, we also nurture hostility against them and thus, this antagonism becomes stronger and stronger.

Happiness lies not in antagonism but in friendship. If we extend our hand of friendship towards others, they would also extend their hand of friendship. After making friends if we behave in a friendly way, then they will also react similarly. In this way, mutual friendship would grow by leaps and bounds.

As friends grow and friendship becomes stronger, so does cooperation and happiness.

Therefore, beneficent great omniscient have enjoined that be friendly with all beings.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 6/2

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  1. ranka
    Oct 9, 2019 #

    In friendship we should not have misunderstanding and arguments

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