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Promotion of antagonism

Promotion of antagonism

परिग्गहनिविट्ठाणं वेरं तेसिं पवड्ढइ

Those who are engaged in increasing their wealth, they generate enmity against themselves only

Those who accumulate more than necessary wealth, they cause birth of enemies only all around them. Wealth is not meant for accumulation but for meeting the necessities of self and others. The hoarders forget this.

They amass wealth doing hard work but do not know how to utilize the same. Looking at them, other persons become envious of them. They do not love the hoarder but hate him.

Conversely, one who is liberal, discreet, utilizes his riches i.e. donates for the welfare of public, all admire him, love him and heartily pray for his long life.

Wise men have advised to continue to use wealth liberally; otherwise being stingy, you will only increase enmity against yourself.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/6/3

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