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The ignorant

The ignorant

अं जणं खिंसइ बालपे

Ignorant teases others

Self crying is artta (mournful) dhyana. To make others cry is raudra (wrathful) dhyana. Much of the time of most of the living beings is squandered in either self-crying or making others cry.

Few people are such that they take pleasure in seeing others in a disturbed or turbulent condition, they experience joy in making others distressed. How can it be expected of such people that they will strive to either remove or eradicate pain of other people?

To cry is bad but to make others cry is worse. Similarly, artta dhyana is bad but raudra dhyana is worse. We should abandon these two meditations and resort to dharma and sukla (pure) dhyana.

One who is proud of his knowledge, he only thinks of others as low. Because of his conceitedness he even laughs at others and teases them also. According to wise men, such people are ignorant – childish.

A knowledgeable person neither gets teased nor teases others.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/13/14

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