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How do you like killing ?

How do you like killing ?

पाणवहो चंडो रुद्दो, खुद्दो, अणारियो,
निग्धिणो, निसंसो, महब्भभओ

Killing is inhuman, horrible, mean, uncivilized, merciless, cruel, and brutal

Killing means violence to life, end of life. Explaining its nature i.e. throwing light on that, experienced men have said,”Killing is horrible, ghastly, and unbearable because no body can bear it.

More than that, this is terrible. Concentration is of four kinds – artta dhyana (painful), raudra dhyana (furious), dharma dhyana (religious) and sukla dhyana (pure). Out of these, two are inauspicious and the last two are auspicious. Out of this, only one who practices inauspicious raudra dhyana only kills living beings. Therefore, killing is considered as raudra.

Again, evil men only become ready for killing. Hence, they are called mean. Gentle men do not indulge in such actions. Hence, they are called manly. Unkind men only kill cruelly; hence, killing is uncompassionate – horrifying.

This makes living beings fearful and they get frightened looking at such horrible sights. That is why it is so dreadful. Thus, how cruel is killing has been explained.

- Prasnavyakarana 1/1

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