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Causes of violence

Causes of violence

कुद्धा हणंति, लुद्धा हणंति, मुद्धा हणंति

Angry, greedy and the attached commit violence

Hurting living beings with carelessness is violence. Violence always make others distressed. Why does man inflict pain on others? Why does he commit violence? Thinking over this, wise men have propounded three causes.

First cause is – anger. This is a horrible mental tendency. Under this, man forgets himself – his eyes are reddened – his arms shudder and he gets ready to fight.

Second cause is – greed. In the hope of more profits man is prepared to commit violence.

Third cause is – attachment. This is a sweet poison. Man is blinded because of attachment also and for the one whom he loves, he unduly favors him to make him happy. He does injustice to others; he commits atrocities and violence.

The purport of this is that anger, greed and attachment – these three only are the causes of violence.

- Prasnavyakarana 1/1

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  1. Prashant sanghvi
    Mar 25, 2014 #

    I have now got an answer which i was finding for several years.


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