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Reasons of quality loss

Reasons of quality loss

चउहिं ठाणेहिं सन्ते गुणे नासेज्जा कोहेणं,
पडिनिवेसेणं, अकयण्णुयाए, मिच्छत्ताभिनिवेसेणं

Inherent qualities of a man are lost due to four reasons : anger, envy, ingratitude and perversion

Some reasons are such, which cause the loss of inherent attributes. First among them is – anger. This makes the man lose his discretion, he gets perplexed.

Second reason is – envy. For self-progress, competition which is filled with inspiration to develop the self is enough; but envy is fire. This continues to burn in the heart and instigates to think and do harm to others.

Third reason is – ingratitude. Being ungrateful instead of grateful towards those who have done good makes one deprived of future benefits, which could be done by the benefactor.

Fourth reason is – perversion. If once accepted principle is later found false, then that should be discarded; but the perverted men do not do this.

Thus, anger, envy, ingratitude and perversion are four reasons of loss of qualities.

- Sthananga Sutra 4/4

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